martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

.Old memories.

.Old memories - First.
[The cold lonely days]

.There's the shadow of the old days again.
.There's the snow and the trees that I'd seen when I was young.
.There's the cold lonely days.
.I'd sat there in front of you.
.Looking to that deep eyes.
.That beautiful eyes of a winter traveller.

.And then.
.I was completely loose.
.Away from this world.
.Thousand and thousand kilometers away from myself.
.And I didn't know why.
.You're sit there.
.In front of me.

.Then the coffee arrived to my hands.
.The waitress was bored for sure.
.I didn't mind.
.I just couldn't stop watching you.
.The shine of the diamonds blind me.
.The money were running from pocket to pocket.
.A crazy lonely-happy-thing was happen.
.And you'd gone.
.To somewhere.

.Who knows where?.
.The fifty happy minutes had gone.
.And then I began to feel lonely again.
.I loose that magic eyes,I said.
.And no one else notice her but me.
.Where had you gone beautiful woman?
.Where had my eyes gone?
.To somewhere for sure.

.Old memories.
.Of when I was young.
.The only dark place in my mind.
.That shines with the shine of your eyes.
.I still lost.

[I know my english sucks,jajaja]